Natasha Oleinikova


Natasha has over ten years experience in plate processing price estimation.

She loves to travel to Europe and Asia, and doesn’t back down from any adventure experience; be it parasailing or elephant riding.

Ian Brown


Ian ensures that we process the drawings with maximum accuracy. His background as a fitter and turner enhance his understanding of drawings and he has an eye for detail.

He is proud to be a fifth generation Australian. His hobby takes his gaze far beyond our planet to the great expanses of space.

Damian Gower

Production Manager

Damian has the role of overseeing the plate processing department.

When he’s not performing production miracles for customers, you’ll find Damian cruising in his V8 Holden, or relaxing in his man-cave.

Ronny Henderson

Plate Processing Machine Operator

Ronny operates numerous plate processing machines as well as supporting the production manager’s role.

On the weekend you’ll find him fishing and camping in the great outdoors with a cold one (or two!) in his hand.

Peter Noskovic

Plate Processing Machine Operator

Peter has been operating the plate processing machinery at Sonnex for over eleven years. He’s always on his best behaviour at work because he is married to the receptionist.

As a hobby, he likes to restore vintage motorcycles and has explored much of Europe on a motorcycle.

Sharon Hawke

Quality Admin

Sharon is committed to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the ISO9001: 2015 management system. She makes a mean batch of cookies that have often motivated the team through the ISO9001 accreditation process!

Outside of the office she loves to drive, shop, spend time with friends, (drive to the shops with friends) and go sailing from time to time.

Experienced & Dedicated

The Sonnex team, led by Jano Tuchyna, is filled with dedicated and experienced personnel that manage your projects and produce world-class engineering solutions.