Sonnex attends Amada Japan Tour

In February 2017, Peter Noskovic and Damian Gower flew to Tokyo, Japan to attend the Amada Japan Tour. Sonnex operates two Amada plate processing machines due to their precision cutting and reliability. Peter and Damian visited three of Amada’s largest customers in the Tokyo area, the Amada factory Fujinomiya works, followed by a visit to the Amada Solutions Centre which is located 60km outside Tokyo.

At the various factories they were able to observe the way in which the company functioned throughout the manufacturing process. They noted the types of software and documentation used. The Amada Solution Centre has machines available for use by Amada customers to test and study their own products to determine the right choice of machine or particular tool for each project. Concepts can be quickly translated into products, and experts are on hand to answer any particular questions.

Peter and Damian would like to sincerely thank the Masakazu Watanabe from Yamaichi Factory, Mr Tanaka from Tanaka Factory, Masao Kurihara from Fukusawa Factory and Shuichi Kojima Amada Oceania.

"It was impressive to see the capabilities of the Amada machinery at the Amada Solution Centre, and very helpful to be able to ask any technical questions for future improvements. We gained more knowledge of the machines capabilities and ideas for future improvement that we can implement in our factory processes. It was very kind of everybody to invite us to their businesses and to allow us to observe them and to learn from them. The sightseeing was wonderful and I ate weird and wonderful creatures from the sea."
Peter Noskovic: Sonnex Plate Processing Machine Operator

"We were able to observe the processes used by the efficient Japanese people in this industry. Their tidiness and use of small spaces is brilliant.  It was fascinating to see how some employees lay down to rest during their morning break. People are very respectful and kind. They bow to each other all the time! The culture was amazing to experience, though I prefer our steak to raw fish!"
Damian Gower: Sonnex Production Manager

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