Sonnex successfully completes decommissioning of GMH Press Line in 32 working days! Approximately 517 tonnes was removed by the amazing team within schedule to the satisfaction of our customer.

Sonnex Projects

Sonnex have a background working with major Australian and international companies.

This has given us experience across a broad range of industry sectors including automotive, mining, manufacturing, construction, rail and power generation.

To find out more about the work that Sonnex have undertaken, please see the sample of projects below and select an image to read more.

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SA Product Register

Industry Advocate

Sonnex supports the Industry Advocate's SA Product Register initiative and we have a range of SA products in production every week at our facilities at 9 Walsh Street, Elizabeth South, South Australia 5112.

Sonnex & SA Supply Chain

Examples of Sonnex's commitment to producing local products can be found throughout our Projects.

For instance, Mowanjum Art has the following SA Product Register supply chain: