An emphasis on quality and rapid response are at the core of the company philosophy because Sonnex recognises that is what our customers need, as they too adapt to changing demands.” – Jano Tuchyna, Director Sonnex Pty Ltd

Folding & Bending

Sonnex sheetmetal facilities use the latest eco-friendly hybrid-drive press brakes, combined with state of the art software, to provide the best solutions for simple and complicated parts. Our programmers utilise Amada VPSS (Virtual Prototype Simulation Systems) which allow us to reverse engineer a 3D model of your part to a flat ‘unfolded’ shape, creating the exact part to be cut including extra material for the folds and selecting particular tools for the best results.

The major advantage of this software is allowing the programmer to run feasibility tests and machine simulations, eliminating possible errors right at the start of the project. Capabilities are:

  • Length of parts – up to 4200mm;
  • Machine tonnage – up to 250 tonnes.

Tapping, Bevelling & Rolling

Jobs that are tricky for you are easy for us with our tapping and bevelling machine in-house. We have the capacity to tap holes as required up to M24 with a neat finish depending on material thickness and are able to roll up to 6mm thick by 1800mm long material.


Please see the links below for an immense range of fasteners including self-clinching fasteners, nutserts, hexserts and rivet nuts to suit your project.

Please call (08) 8252 8777 or email us to find out more about our Sheetmetal services and how Sonnex can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I provide when I make an order?

Please let us know the quantity you require, the grade of material, the thickness of the material, and the time/date you would like to have it done by. If possible we prefer a .dxf file scale 1:1. We can convert sketches and samples to .dxf, charges apply.

Can I provide my own material to be cut?

Yes of course, just ensure it is nice and clean and straight so our machines can process it without any issues.

What is the smallest size hole or slot you can cut?

A good general rule of thumb is 'the same as the thickness of the material'. So if the material is 5mm thick, the smallest hole or slot we can cut is dia5mm. Yes we can go smaller on a case by case basis, however it is very rare that we can go below half the material thickness.

Can I come in with a sketch on a piece of paper or a sample?

Yes we can convert a sketch or sample to our preferred format of .dxf, fees apply.

Are test certificates available?

Yes we can provide test certificates for a small fee when they are requested upfront.

Once I have ordered the parts, how will I know when they are ready for collection?

You will receive a call from one of our friendly office staff. If you have any further questions in the meantime feel free to give our production manager Damian a call on [phone].

Do you deliver?

We don't currently provide a delivery service but are happy to provide the weight, size etc needed for you to book a courier company.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes the minimum charge is $100.00 (including GST) to cover the cost of processing the job card, loading/unloading the plate sheet onto the machine etc.

How can I pay for my parts?

When you make an enquiry, you will receive a quote with a reference number. You can call the office on [phone] to pay by credit card over the phone, or alternatively you can make an EFTPOS payment. An invoice will then be sent to you by email.

Tapping, Bevelling & Rolling
Laser Cutting
Drill Plasma Cutting
Folding & Bending