Our Mission

To use our passion for, and knowledge of, high precision machinery and current manufacturing technology to create innovative solutions for our valued customers across various industries.

Our Values 

  • Work as a team to exceed customer expectation.
  • Continually seek improvement.
  • Dedication to develop new manufacturing solutions.
  • Maintain integrity while adapting and diversifying as the industry changes.
  • Never compromise quality for profit.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing customers with a high quality service, as well as the capacity to be versatile and highly cost efficient with a fast turnaround time.

Our Objectives

  • We endeavour to consistently meet or exceed our customers expectation by offering a quality finish, fast turnaround and competitive pricing.
  • Remain competitive in the market place, while maintaining efficient manufacturing services and processes, minimising non-conformances and maintaining profitability.
  • Seek valued customer feedback, respond to any complaints by acting immediately and decisively, thereby improving our service delivery targets.
  • Establish and maintain performance targets by way of regular audits, reviewing results and applying corrective actions to continue improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
  • Comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements such as company law, the protection of the environment and the safety of our employees and customers.
  • Educate and train our people to continually improve their skills, awareness and knowledge to foster core values in quality excellence and practices.
  • To maintain and monitor a culture that supports all of these objectives.

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