Defence Project

Quality and precision delivered for defence assets.

When local industry content is required, we deliver with decades of specialist knowledge and experience. We deploy cutting edge technology and streamlined, efficient processes that deliver on our client’s requirements each time.

Our expertise for military and defence equipment incorporates laser cutting, 3D pipe and RHS cutting, drill plasma cutting, folding, and structural steel fabrication. We supply parts and sub-assemblies to defence and are also equipped to develop high-quality metal parts and components for tanks, antennas, radios, transport vehicles, communication equipment and more.

As a family owned and operated business we understand the value of long-term relationships. Our commitment to using Australian steel, together with our dedication to local suppliers reflect our passion for supporting local industry and strengthening manufacturing capabilities right here.

Our state of the art factory utilises the latest eco-friendly high precision manufacturing equipment, run with mostly renewable energy. Our in-house nitrogen generator ensures we are not reliant on external supplies.

Sonnex is poised to respond immediately to urgent requests for time-sensitive scenarios for defence clients. Please call (08) 8252 8777 or email us to see how we can deliver for your project.